B&W Adventures: The Trouble Brewing at Witchcliff

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The Trouble Brewing at Witchcliff is a Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Compatible adventure for four or five, 6th-7th level characters. It is fully usable with Bandits' Trail, Black & White miniature scale tiles from Ă˜one Games. The Trouble Brewing at Witchcliff is a sandbox adventure, allowing you to customize it to suit your needs.

After many years in abeyance, the Whitcliff Brewery is again producing its famous Whitcliff's Hidden Derivation beer. In a few short years the brewery's new owner has turned it from an abandoned building to an operation to rival the brewery's heyday. Bottles of Whitcliff's Hidden Derivation are carted across the nation and beyond. After many years of war, the brewery's success is one sign that there is peace and prosperity ahead.

In truth, the brewery's new owner is an agent of the war god. Bereft of any current hot conflicts, he channels his divine power into making weapons of war. Using the brewery's distribution network as a cover he sells his magic weapons to violent organizations throughout the region: mercenaries and rebels, crusaders and cultists. The cleric values no ideology over conflict and his actions may expedite a return to war . . .

This adventure was specifically designed to be used with the tiles contained in 0one's Black & White: Bandits' Trail product, but it can be easily played without them. Furthermore it can be inserted in any ongoing campaign with ease.

Written by David Schwartz