Battlemaps: Corridors and Hallways Vol. II

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This accessory features the amazing rendered 3D maps produced by 01 Games. The maps come with 1 inch square grid. Corridors and Hallways Vol. II enhances the features of Corridors and Hallways Vol. I by adding stairs and doors. You will find 13 maps and three versions of each map: full color, grayscale (optimized for B&W printing), and line art. The line art version is intended for very easy printing. In Corridors and Hallways Vol. II you will find three additions for each map set published in Corridors and Hallways Vol. I and a new four-map basic set with a 5-ft. wide mine tunnel.

Be Descriptive

Even if you do not use the battlemaps for combat, their amazing detail will assist you in corridor descriptions. Looking at the map while describing the hallway to the players becomes easier than reading plain text. You could look at the preview map of the Hallway of the Statues and say:

"As you walk down the red-lighted hallway, you can see many statues looking at you; their grim eyes seems to follow every single step you make. The floor is made of huge red marble slabs and reflects the light of the torchlights on the walls . . ."

Build Your Own Dungeon

You can assemble a dungeon using the battlemaps, connecting them with dark hallways and dangerous corridors, and finally fill them with hideous critters of your choice. The players will enjoy the battle in your custom-built dungeon. More of these supplements exist, and in no time you will be able to build any dungeon you desire.

Grid Style: This map product features a square grid.

Written by Mario Barbati