Battlemaps Lairs: Giant Spider's Nest

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Welcome to Battlemaps Lairs.

These products are part of the acclaimed Master Accessories line. Each product features a small monster's lair, usually three or four rooms, that can be easily added to your ongoing campaign. For each product, you get a wonderful overview map and three or four battlemaps for miniature games, detailing each room of the lair. The battlemaps are superb 3D renderings at the stunning resolution of 150 DPI, which allows you to obtain an amazing print quality. For each map, you also get a grayscale-optimized version.

In addition, Battlemaps Lairs offer you a degree of customization. At the bottom of each color map you will find a checkbox (that will not be printed) that allows you to make the room "empty." Thus, if you do not need that sarcophagus in the mummy's tomb (perhaps because it doesn't fit in your story), you can easily remove it.

The Giant Spider's Nest

"The musty tunnel winds up, turns and disappears in the darkness. On one side of the tunnel you can see a large passage entirely covered by white cobwebs." Three caverns joined in the middle form the giant spider's nest. The first one is an entrance cavern, filled with cobwebs and nothing much more. The second cavern is the spider's nest; here the hideous creature stocks its victims by wrapping them in its sticky webs. Some of them are still visible beside a large web; also the floor of this cavern is covered with dozens of perfectly cleaned bones, grim witness to the spider's past meals. The last cavern features a spring falling from the rocks; some moss and plants grow here. Some adventure ideas involving the nest follow:

• While the PCs are exploring some caverns they encounter a man who takes a few steps and dies. The man has been poisoned, as clearly indicated by a large two-hole wound on his neck. The man also held a piece of parchment in his left hand. The parchment is an old map that shows the location of a great treasure near the spider's nest. The PCs must find the nest and get rid of the spider in order to gain the treasure.

• The PCs explore the spider's nest and find nothing; despite the cobwebs and the corpses in the northern cavern, it looks like no spider is here, except some tiny harmless spiders. The pool of water in the southern cavern functions like a reduce potion. The now-tiny spiders drank from the pool and have been reduced, but they will return to giant size soon . . .

Grid Style: This map product features a square grid.

Written by Mario Barbati