Basic Paths: Curse of the Sickled Hand

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Want more beginners adventures? Here they are! Curse of the Sickled Hand is a basic Pathfinder adventure written by Mario Barbati. It features simplified statblocks for monsters and is fully playable with the simplified ruleset. It includes battlemaps for running the fights, handouts, some pawns, and plenty of GM's tips. It will also include a "Pro" appendix to allow veteran GMs to fully enjoy the adventure, using the Pathfinder Complete Ruleset.

Curse of the Sickled Hand features:

  • All-star team: Mario Barbati, Tim Hitchcock, Roberto Pitturru
  • Beginner adventure for character levels 3-4
  • Six battlemaps for miniature gaming
  • Three handouts
  • Eleven pawns including coblynau, skeletons, and the featured villain, Vraklin the coblynau necromancer
  • New monster: the coblynau (dog faced kobolds!)

Focu Edor, the local cleric of Gafolweed, bursts into the inn, huffing and puffing. As soon as he spots you, he rushes to your table and, panting for breath, he sputters, "The dead walk! They . . . they have been looting our graveyards and stealing the corpses of our own dear ancestors! I tried to stop them. I called upon the might of Galvathor, but to no avail! The holy light was powerless against them. I fear I am forsaken and Gafolweed is doomed. I beseech thee, noble adventurers! Please, take up my cause and help me rid Gafolweed of this blight before it dooms us all!"

Will your fellowship of budding heroes be able to face the Curse of the Sickled Hand?

Written by Mario Barbati