Battlemaps Lairs: Vampire's Inner Crypt

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The tomb is the home of Vardalak, the master vampire who once was the lord of the countryside. Now the monster has been bound in his very own coffin by a powerful archmage, after a long and painful battle. Legend says that two objects must be retrieved and placed in the chests beside the dais in the central chamber, and the book will show the way to unbound the Lord of all Vampires. Currently the pages of the book are blank, but adventurers reported that people bitten by vampires are able to see strange signs on the old pages.

The two smaller tombs once belonged to the two daughters of Vardalak: Vanja and Sonja.

This product contains a referee map, four customizable battlemaps, and six customizable tiles. Read below to learn more about this product line.

Battlemaps Lairs?

Each Battlemaps Lairs product features a small monster's lair, usually three or four rooms, that can be easily dropped into your ongoing campaign. For each product, you get overview maps for the referee, battlemaps, and tiles for miniature games, detailing each room of the lair.

From this product on, for each room or area you get a Battlemap and a Tile.

The Battlemaps, introduced by 0one Games back in 2002, are unique, since they feature a top-down perspective that allows you to see the walls of the room, thus adding details the players would not see otherwise. The drawback is that the battlemaps are not tileable due to their own nature (the perspective will not match when joining pieces, as each map has its own point of view).

The Tiles are standard classic tiles you can lay down and join as usual.

The Rule the Dungeon feature

Battlemaps Lairs, like most 0one products, offer you a degree of customization through the exclusive Rule the Dungeon feature. This feature allows you to customize the look of your map by adding the furniture, hide the room numbers, set the Ink-saving, and much more.

On the Referee Map, you will find a big "Rule the Dungeon" button.

This button will not be printed, so don't mind if it overlaps something on the map. By clicking on this button some options will be shown, as detailed below. A checkmark will appear beside the active options.

The options available could vary with products; below is a list of the most common options included in Battlemaps Lairs products:

  • Text: toggle text on battlemaps and tiles
  • Empty: remove all objects from the maps, leaving bare walls
  • Inksaving None: deactivate the inksaving feature
  • Inksaving Light: set the inksaving to 25% value
  • Inksaving Medium: set the inksaving to 50% value
  • Inksaving Strong: set the inksaving to 75% value
  • All: toggle default state/empty state with no inksaving

Grid Style: This map product features a square grid.

Written by Mario Barbati