Tabernacle of the Forsaken

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Located in a tent in an abandoned cistern in the Undercity, the Tabernacle of the Forsaken brings hope to the lowest of the low. Mother Matifa runs this church dedicated to Saint Themessa who tamed the feathered serpent, a creature the priest knows quite well. Homeless paupers from the city above gather around the church in search of physical and spiritual solace. Keeping this makeshift neighborhood orderly and safe are Chellag's bulls, a group of toughs led by a dwarf with a mysterious past. Even so, strange creatures lurk in the shadows, and agents of evil hide among the dispossessed.

This product contains:

  • A full description of an underground-based Thieves' Guild, with a unique background and detailed characters.
  • A set of adventure ideas to plug in the sourcebook in your campaign.
  • Detailed statblocks to challenge a group of fourth level player characters.
  • New magical items.
  • Two gorgeous battlemaps detailing a summoning chamber and a four-room guild leader chamber.

The statblocks provided in this sourcebook are for four characters of 4th level in the Fifth Edition of the world's oldest roleplaying game. By changing the statblocks it can easily be adapted to higher levels.

Written by David Schwartz