The Andwan Legacy

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Welcome to the second edition of this short and sweet adventure. The Andwan Legacy was updated to the 3.5 rules; it boasts the new, easier stat block format found in Dungeon Magazine™ #124, and features three completely new battlemaps, two of which are two-page battlemaps!

This is a generic adventure set in a small town. It can be inserted easily into any campaign in any world. The adventure is designed for a party of 4-5 adventurers of 4-5 level but it can be scaled easily by modifying the monsters and villains statistics or the strength of the traps in the dungeon.

The party should have one or two adamantine weapons or a fighter capable of inflicting large amounts of damage (10+ with each attack). The adventure involves role-playing opportunities and fighting action, so the referee must read the whole text to get familiarize him or herself with the various NPCs and villains.

The doors of the inn open and two half-orcs larger than elephants enter, scrutinizing everybody grimly. One of them makes a sign to the entrance, then a beautiful woman in a figure-hugging silk dress enters the tavern. Her face is almost completely hidden behind a black shroud, her walk is cat-like, and she attracts the men's gazes.

She approaches the portly innkeeper and talks briefly to him, then he points towards the PCs. The woman sits down at a reserved table behind a screen.

Straight away, one of the grim half-orcs approaches you and says in perfect Common: "Begging your pardon, sir, my lady wishes to speak with you; would you be so kind as to follow me to her table?"

The PCs are approached by a beautiful aristocratic woman in a local inn. The woman claims to be Sherl Andwan of the noble Andwan family, and tells them she is in great trouble: her husband died recently but did not show her how to retrieve the inheritance in the dungeon of her villa. She wants to hire the PCs to disable the magical traps set by her husband to protect his treasure . . .


Written by Mario Barbati