The Great City: Backdrops

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This compilation contains the five original Great City Blueprints Backdrops pieces, with shiny new Pathfinder stat-blocks and a streamlined, simplified format. The backdrops were revised by Tim Hitchcock to match the rules presented in The Great City Player's Guide.

Each backdrop gives a full description of one location in the Great City, with NPCs, detailed maps, and illustrations. This product is a perfect tool for a GM wanting to use an urban location as an adventure place.

This book contains:

  • The Headquarters: the base of military ops in the Great City, set in the Army Ward
  • The Golden Eel: a famed inn in the Dock Ward
  • The Tower of Janazar: the rotating tower of the mighty wizard Janazar, in the Residence Ward
  • Temple of the Silver Lady: the base of the moon cult, in the Temple Ward
  • The Curiosity Shop: one of the strangest shops in the Great City, Trades Ward

Written by Mario Barbati