Basic Paths: Battlemaps Compendium

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This Battlemaps Compendium contains 21 battlemaps (6 of which are two-page battlemaps) already published in the Basic Paths adventures. These are the battlemaps from Fangs from the Past, Curse of the Sickled Hand, Wrath of the Orc God, and Murder a la Carte. If you already have these adventures you don't need this product. Otherwise these battlemaps are perfect for any ongoing campaign.

The maps contained in this product are:

  • Giant Toad's Lair
  • Gnoll Ambush
  • Kobold's Forge
  • Buried Library
  • Cave Entrance
  • Necromancer's Tomb
  • Necromancer's Tomb Trapped
  • Kobolds' Common Room
  • Kobolds' Guardpost
  • Necromancer's Library
  • Necromancer's Lab
  • Giant Spider Ambush
  • Great Hall
  • Crypt (big)
  • Ambush
  • Study
  • Ballroom
  • Crypt (small)
  • Hall of Statues
  • Coffin Storage

Written by Mario Barbati