Basic Paths: Wrath of the Orc God

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Want more beginners adventures? Here they are! Wrath of the Orc God is a basic Pathfinder adventure written by David Schwartz. It features simplified statblocks for monsters and is fully playable with the simplified ruleset. It includes battlemaps for running the fights, handouts, some pawns and plenty of GM's tips. It will also include a "Pro" appendix to allow veteran GMs to fully enjoy the adventure, using Pathfinder Complete Ruleset.

Wrath of the Orc God features:

  • All-star team: Mario Barbati, David Schwartz, Roberto Pitturru
  • Beginner adventure for character levels 3-4
  • Five battlemaps for miniature gaming
  • Three handouts
  • Ten pawns including marked orcs, shamans, hounds of Kurgroth and the featured villain, the God's Eye Revenant

In the town of Gafolweed, the market is in disarray: toppled barrows and collapsed tents spill their contents onto the muddy ground. Merchants and locals flee the scene as you arrive. In the midst of the destruction stands a muscular, green-skinned humanoid—an orc! Three bodies lie near his feet, the victims of his bloody axe. He turns to you, a vivid red tattoo of a bleeding eye prominent on his brow. The orcs are gathering in numbers unseen in many generations and make war upon the people of the Borderlands. The cause of this deadly conflict is entwined with the history of the unholy mark that all the orcs now bear.

Will your fellowship of budding heroes be able to quell the Wrath of the Orc God?

Written by David Schwartz