The Divine Alligator (Pathfinder)

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Another Øone Games classic in a brand-new edition for Pathfinder RPG. Venture again into the lizardfolk settlement and face Tannin and his minions, if you dare!

Two hundred years ago was the time of Raerciminar, a dragon furthering the agenda of Itzquizatl, a draconic deity of death and decay. His chief method was infusing as many creatures as possible with dragon blood. Leaving several dozen half-dragon children in his wake, Raerciminar retreated into his distant lair and slumbered into deep sleep, waiting for his children to reach maturity by themselves and instruct them later.

The Divine Alligator is an old-style Pathfinder adventure for 7th level (scalable to 5th-6th and 8th-9th) characters. A ranger or druid is highly helpful, as is someone with good Diplomacy and Knowledge (Religion) skills, plus the ability to speak Draconic. Characters of higher or lower levels can also take part in the adventure.

This adventure was designed to challenge both combat-lovers and in-depth roleplayers. It is a combination of site-based and event-driven adventure types. There are a lot of monsters to fight and trinkets to gain, but complete success in The Divine Alligator requires good diplomatic skills and a deal of good judgment. Every effort was made to make the adventure generic enough to be pasted into most fantasy campaign settings.

The module includes beautiful artwork, many 3D maps depicting various locations, and two bonus battlemaps (the Sancta Sanctorum, which is also present in the battlemaps accessory and downloadable for free, plus the Hatzli throne room) for miniature gaming. You can expand this adventure with Battlemaps: Divine Alligator's Temple, which contains all the temple's battlemaps.

Written by Mario Barbati