The Sinking: Tunnels of Despair

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Welcome to The Sinking campaign serial.

Tunnels of Despair, written by Stefan Happ, is part of an ongoing series set in the Great City. This is not a numbered adventure in a path, but instead it concerns a mysterious event that will forever alter the Great City, setting the tone for future events. Throughout the year, Øone Games will release a number of short adventures whose various plots are all somehow entwined with the event. Each will be a stand-alone adventure, designed to be played independently without a specific sequence and can be completed in a single evening's play.

Freed by powerful tremors that cracked the slave-pens of their nefarious captors, a group of refugees fled into the sewers beneath Pounder Festhall, seeking the aid of an elusive slave-helper who protects and shelters outcasts in a secret, subterranean shantytown "utopia." Attempting to pilfer some food from in the drinking hall basement, they accidentally startle a barmaid and are forced to hostage her for safe passage. Sent to rescue the barmaid, the PCs soon find things more complicated when they cross paths with the slavers seeking to recapture the refugees. PCs must choose sides, but find themselves embroiled in a conflict that takes place aboard one of the slave-rings' harbored vessels.

Tunnels of Despair is an adventure for the Pathfinder RPG System for 1st-level player characters.

Written by Stefan Happ