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Drow Outpost

The drow outpost is a subterranean fortress blocking a tunnel. This fortress is a true nightmare for intruders, as it was built to keep away even the most feared races of the underdark. Those who manage to break the metal gates that protect the entrance will find themselves in a courtyard pierced by arrowslits, and perhaps this will be the last thing they see. The outpost blocks a completely underground cavern and features four levels. At level 0 the barracks are housed; many rooms with arrowslits allow the drow to pour a deadly rain over the invaders. At level 1 more arrowslit rooms are found, plus a temple area dedicated to the spider queen. At level 2 the commander's quarters are located: large and fully furnished rooms with a library and a meeting hall. At level -1 the jail is found, where the unlucky captive meets his fate. However, the drow outpost has a weak point, as the underdark is pierced by galleries and tunnels unknown even to the dreaded drow elves: a couple of secret galleries lead into the very heart of the outpost, but of course they are guarded by feared monsters. Some hints to use the outpost follow.

• The PCs must rescue an important NPC from the dreaded drow jail below the outpost.

• The drow outpost fell under the attack of undead legions spreading from a mysterious well discovered in one of the adjacent caves; many drow have been turned into undead and are attacking the nearby country.

• A priestess of the spider queen seeks an ancient evil artifact in a ruined drow outpost; the PCs must stop the priestess.

• The duergar have occupied the drow outpost, and the drow try to reconquer the fortress. The PCs find themselves in the middle of the conflict.

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Grid Style: This map product features a square grid.

Written by Mario Barbati