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Hill of Many Dungeons

The Hill of Many Dungeons is the bread-'n-butter of every fantasy RPG player and game master. The Hill is a rocky formation that houses five different dungeons. Some of the dungeons are accessible from the hillside, while a couple of them are accessible through the hilltop. Although the dungeons vary in number of rooms and features, they are all classic dungeons that can be adapted to any setting and filled with the critters of your choice. The dungeons are not linked to each other, but you can easily imagine connection tunnels between them. Similarly, you can forget the hill and stack the dungeons to build a unique multi-level dungeon. Some hints to use the dungeon follow:

• The Hill of Many Dungeons hides a long-forgotten artifact. It is said the artifact is shattered and each dungeon under the hill keeps one piece.

• A cruel orc tribe dwelling in one of the dungeons wishes to extend its domain over the other dungeons. The deceptive chief of the orc tribe sends a polymorphed agent to hire the PCs and give them the task to wipe out all the monsters in the other dungeons. Obviously, in the chief's mind the PCs shall be the last to be killed by himself.

• Five different dwarven tribes live in the dungeons under the hill. The PCs have clues that one of them has sent an assassin trying to kill the king of a nearby country. The PCs must sneak into the dungeons in order to find which tribe has ordered the murder.

• A powerful necromancer has built an undead army to launch an attack against a nearby town; the necromancer hides in the dungeon with the crypts and has forged an alliance with a powerful lich he awoke.

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Grid Style: This map product features a square grid.

Written by Mario Barbati