0one's Blueprints: The Ruined Town

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  • Rule the Dungeon.
  • Enhanced customization (choose which features are visible)
  • Alternative hexagonal grid
  • "North" mark available and orientable
  • Master control panel allows you to control all the maps at once
  • Buttons for printing only blue maps or black-and-white maps

WARNING: You must use Adobe Acrobat 6+ in order to use all the features of this product.

Welcome to Øone's Blueprints!

The Blueprints product line offers you old-fashioned blueprinted maps for using in your adventures and campaigns. For each map you get a blueprint version and a standard black-and-white version. The maps are all vector-based so you will get maximum print resolution. Despite their old-fashioned appearance, each map offers you a degree of customization, using the PDF technology at its best. A button (which will not be printed) on each map allows you to turn the grid on and off, eliminate the room numbers, get the walls filled, don't show doors and furniture, and many other options, depending on the kind of map.

Each product features a classic fantasy adventure location: a dungeon, a keep, a temple complex, a thieves' guild, and so on. You can use these maps as references to build your own adventures or simply take them at hand in case your players go in an unexpected direction during the campaign.

While offering you the best quality, these products are really inexpensive.

The Ruined Town

The Ruined Town was destroyed a long time ago by an evil warlord who defeated the Lord of the Town and sacked the whole country.

Since the people were all killed or driven off, no one cared to reconstruct the town. It is now crumbling in on itself. The Ruined Town has become a haunted and scary place; local countrymen changed old names to reflect the spectral surroundings of the town. So the Willow Cemetery became the Bones Hill Cemetery, the Hill of Sunray became the Hill of the Haunting Spectre, and so on.

Furthermore, monsters made their lairs in the numerous dungeons and caverns of the town, at least where no undeads were discovered. Many evil beings, such as necromancers, black priests, and the like, chose the town as their base of operations. Bandits settled in the ruined castles of the town, and smugglers use the crumbling town docks for loading and unloading smuggled goods.

Obviously, the Ruined Town has become the perfect adventure ground for many heroes . . .

Can be assembled to form a 16x21 inch giant map!

Grid Style: This map product features both a square grid and a hex grid.

Written by Mario Barbati