0one's Page Dungeons: The Tomb of the Rainbow Sorcerer

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It is said that the Rainbow Sorcerer developed a new kind of magic based on colors. His sepulcher is said to contain a magical artifact that can bestow the power of color magic on anyone owning it.

Grab a dungeon, add your favorite RPG system, and go!

Each 0one's Page Dungeon features one dungeon, map, and description, contained in one single page. The description is a complete adventure you can play as-is (adding statblocks) or expand as you wish. Of course, being the whole adventure contained in half a page can't be exhaustive, so only main guidelines are given.

These dungeons make perfect side treks as they are, and can become fully fleshed-out adventures with a little bit of work.

For each dungeon you get a color page, a print-friendly page, and a page containing only the dungeon, with a blank space for your notes should you want to build a new adventure from scratch.

The dungeon description contains usually keyed locations plus three additional paragraphs, helping you to insert the adventure in your own campaign.

Written by Mario Barbati